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January 02, 2010



OMG!! I LOVE the Atkins Diet. We did it a few years ago (between children), and it was amazing. I didn't need to drink coffee anymore, and I actually had the energy to exercise. And even after we weren't officially "doing" Atkins anymore, I cut way back on starches and sugar (if you say "carbs", the fad-diet police will get you.) They've kind of snuck back in, and I just feel blah. I'm joining you. Who needs sugar?


First of all-I'm so happy that you're writing again-I always LOVE reading your blog...I always feel you're really honest and I appreciate that! Now I have completely forgotten what I was going to write...hmmm...Oh yeah-my New Year's Resolution was to be on time and I have failed for my past two appointments-I'm not giving up yet.

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